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Monday, October 05, 2009



I cannot disagree with the advice that the general needs to shut up and salute. He is a general, not the President. However, I suspect General MaChrystal is feeling like he is suffering from a knife wound in the back. President Obama articulated a strategy. President Obama said he would rely upon the advice of people such as the commanders in the field. President Obama promised General MaChrystal the resources to do the job. Now President Obama is backtracking because the war in Afghanistan is not as important to him as it was during the campaign. I will be surprised if there is a general left in the service after President Obama is through.


I agree with Gen.McChrystal's needs.he is a General and he know more than president Obama what is the right for war.. and troops is a necessity of the war..


I agree with both comments. If there is any excuse for Gen. McChrystal's public campaign, it is that he is dealing with a President who seems never to produce a decision. But the General's expertise is limited to the field of war. The President's field of operation is much larger. He has to make the decision.

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