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Sunday, October 25, 2009



Some good points here. Nice to see Fumento's work referenced; he is an interesting and good writer. If we are seeing an overreaction; I think it is due to the incompetence of the reaction to Katrina. Even the press release mentions that this is the equivalent of declaring a national emergency in times of disaster like a Hurricane...


great info...you might also want to highlight that in all years past - the CDC only tallied laboratory confirmed cases of flu pediatric deaths, and only laboratory confirmed flu hospitalizations of all ages. This year, for some unexplained reasons, the CDC isn't requiring lab confirmation for these two columns. The doc suspects flu as the culprit - the CDC counts it as an 'official' case without any testing confirmation. So, we won't even be able to compare last year's pediatric deaths with this years - different reporting requirements. its all there on the CDC website, different rules for this year - charts with 'confirmed and syndronic-cases' which are all being lumped together now. IF other countries are reporting less deaths, we will have less death too no doubt, but thanks to the CDC loosening of tally rules - the US will look like it had the worst flu season ever.


The U.S. president, Barack Obama, has signed a decree establishing a national emergency in light of the swine flu.
The question is if it is a ploy to push through the health care reform through a federalization of the health care centers or if its all just a question of too little too late. Heres a look into it in more depth.


Thanks for a nice, well researched article. For a look at how many cases of swine flu have been recorded/estimated by the CDC & WHO in the US/world, check out:

Cliff Hadley

Swine flu must be caused by climate change, because everything else is.

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