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Monday, October 12, 2009



This video explains what exactly is going on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khikoh3sJg8


Interesting, the argument of the earth being cooling down has been for a long time, but the scientific community never believed that fact. I think their argument is kind of strong, but who is right???

George Mason

It has been my observation that real scientists (that is those without a vested interest in the "Global Warming" business) have always approached the subject
with great skepticism if they did not completely dismiss it. I am old enough
to remember many of the same people promoting the coming of the next "Ice Age"
in the 1970's. The world turns of course and a couple warm summers ended that
screed and they moved on to the Ozone Hole. When it was discovered that the Ozone Hole was caused by periodic volcanic activity not hairspray "Global Warming" became the cause. These people never seem capable of comprehending either the "Conservation of Matter" nor the laws of Thermodynamics. What they proclaim as science is actually their religion.


I appreciate these comments but I do not share the view that everyone no real scientists believe in global warming. The AGW thesis was based on real science, and for a little while it seemed to be a pretty reasonable thesis. Unfortunately, just as the theory was gaining widespread acceptance in the political world, the evidence shifted against it.

There has certainly been a long range increase in temperature over the last century, but it doesn't correlate well with CO2 increases. The current climate plateau may not last, or maybe it will. The problem is that, even if the theory is true, we don't know enough to make sound policy decisions based on it. To be sure, when political forces invest in such a thing as a scientific theory, there is corruption.


Where are all the hurricanes? 2005 was supposed to be the beginning of the Apocalypse. Florida should be gone. Corruption is the name of the game and global warming climate change whatever is the means to the big pot of money!


There was a conference just this past weekend in which Al Gore actually took questions. When someone asked a question about the British courts finding nine significant factual errors, Gore apparently just said the film was still being showed in England. Then they cut off the microphone of the person asking the questions http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/article_dacf39c7-c2f8-5718-a5a0-d0cfb39f80bc.html
This is what appears to me to be the problem. Whenever someone wants to factually debate the issue, the believers just brush off the skeptics.


"There has certainly been a long range increase in temperature over the last century ...."

of course that was to be expected, because prior to that, the earth was enveloped in a cold period. as cold can the enemy of life, thankfully, there was a warm-up. but of course, al gore and the rest know this, which is why they no longer rely on the term "global warming," but instead say "climate change."

smart, but stupid. smart because we needed a global warming the last 150 years. stupid because of course the climate changes. it always has; always will.

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