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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Jake Knudsen

Ms Dunn reflects poorly upon President Obama as do so many of his cronies that his severe character flaw is revealed. He is a rabid socialist with an abiding hate for white people analogous to Hitler's hate for Jews. His agenda is to enslave the wealth producers and transfer their wealth to his chosen people. Karl Marx would be proud. President Obama is a sick puppy.


If you watch the video of Ms. Dunn giving these comments, it appears as if she is high on amphetamines. Unless she has a speech impediment, her lack of control of keeping her tongue in her mouth is a side effect of too much amphetamine or other psychoactive substance.


"Che Guevara is an inspiration for every human being who loves freedom, we will always honor his memory." --- NELSON MANDELA


Replace the name Mao Tse Tung with Gung Ho, and Beck's attacks have no meaning or purpose other than to attack an administration that is on an "unfinished mission" to clean up the spoiled left overs gifted to our nation from GW Bush. The Fox News Network is shameful in the manner of what they claim to be legitimate reporting. It's hateful, and it smells bad. Nevertheless, I thank Fox News Network for showing Americans how not to behave, at their (Fox News) expense.


Give me a break Wyatt. Your premise is filled with innuendo -- give us some facts.

Here are some facts. Dunn did say, PAINFULLY STUPIDLY, that Mao was a favorite political philospher of hers.

Then, the Obama administration uses their governmental power to ATTACK it's CITIZENS (a news organization). Is that the type of government you want? Maybe Dunn and Obama are favorites of Mao!


Chamberlain (fitting name for you!): you are right. Replace Mao with Gung Ho and there is no story. Replace Mao with Adolph, and Anita Dunn with Karl Rove, and all the other networks would carry it. But stories in alternative universes don't change the story in this one.

As for Fox, what is shameful about reporting stories? And how can you say that this is at Fox's expense? They are running circles around all the other cable news outlets in ratings. I add that Fox's audience does not consist solely of conservatives. A lot of independents watch the network. I am sure you are content with the major networks and their sheltering of favored causes, but the independents are not content with that.

Besides, adversarial journalism is an essential part of a free republic. It's not just a good idea when a Republican is in the White House.


Chamberlain, you are shameful for not understanding history, and not caring for what Chinese had suffered under Mao. Replace Mao with Gung Ho everything would be OK? Give me a break! The man in the picture that was beat to death was an intellectual, and he was beating to death for no other reason than he was an intellectual. That man could have been my father. My father was put in the same position by his student during Mao days. Anita Dunn calls Mao a philosopher; please!!! Mao never was a philosopher but a dictator. Where did Dunn go to school? Harvard for dummies?! I say, a good one for Fox News, now we know what kind of idiots and insane people are running around in the White House. Shame on them, and shame on you, Chamberlain!


You know, Chamberlain, I don't know how you want American people behave...like Chinese people behave under the Mao, perhaps? Or Jewish people behave under Hitler? I cannot get over this. Mao killed more people than Hitler. If Dunn said Hitler is her faverite philosopher, would you be OK with it, too?

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