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Sunday, October 18, 2009



I just moved out here to Rapid City from a rural VA county 60mi SSE of DC. Needless to say, local news back there was always about how screwed up things were (are) in DC/Northern VA/Maryland Suburbs. What can you say about a community that STILL elects that moron Marion Barry to its city council, or that has the highest per capita education budget in the country, but still fails to give students a proper education? And of course DC has the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in the country. As you so accurately point out, the area is "monolithically" democratic. In this case the WaPo did do its job, all right, but make no mistake about this: it's still a left-of-center paper. (Example: the Post missed the Van Jones story until he resigned, thank God. Typical of MSM.) It's better than that travesty, The New York Times, but any quick glimpse of Post editorials will quickly remind the reader of its politics. South Dakota looks better and better to me every day.


We'd be happy to have you, dh.

George Mason

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" or something on that
order. We have seen this in most of the larger cities in this country. Washington D.C. and Chicago are two examples. Having had one party in power for longer than memory, has led to a political power elite that can reward its friends, punish its
enemies and fix most elections. Political largess is handed out to those who will keep the people on top in power (if this sounds like the Obama administration there is a reason). Progress only occurs when the people finally become aroused enough to throw the rascals out by demanding both change and honest elections. One only needs to look at New York City pre and post Rudy Guliani


I knew the House of Represetatives was going to fight hard for the Public Option…I just knew it and had stated it previously on your blogsite! The overwhelming majority in the latest polls want the Public Option and this boosts support for the House in passing it along with the Senate.

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