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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Mike Licht

Obama school speech: worst fears realized. Brainwashing, Bolshevism and blasphemy. Protect your children!



George Mason

The objections were not about the speech itself but about the original study
guide that was to be distributed to the students. This was objectionable because of its "Cult of the Personality" type goals. The Obama people have suddenly developed sensitivity to the winds that can blow against them and backpedaled
rapidly on the study guide and quite likely the speech as well.


You partially true here yourself.

Barack Obama attended Punahou Academy on scholarship and he took out student loan for his undergrad degree as well as Harvard Law School. Madelyn and Stanley Dunham were hardly "wealthy" and she worked hard to get her high position at the Bank of Hawaii. If she assisted her only grandson during his time at university or just afterwards living as a community organizer in Chicago, that's hardly a crime nor does it ruin the inspiration quality of his life story. They lived in a small two-bedroom high-rise apt. Most of the family income went into travel so either Barack Obama's mother could fly back to Honolulu frequently or Barack Obama could fly to Jakarta to see his mother.

Of course there always going to somebody with a harder luck story then Barack Obama or you or me or anybody else. That's natural.

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