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Monday, September 21, 2009



Geez, Blanchard, I thought that was a cartoon of you! Silly me.


Obviously you are a very careless and uniformed person. My jester hat has four bells.


And there are plenty of Republican politicians who have cut "taxes" only to find themselves short of revenue so they then impose "user fees". Also comical, no?


As to the racism thing, I don't know to what degree it plays a role in the animosity directed toward Obama. I do know there seem to be a few elected Republicans giving credence to Carters statements, the latest being Roy Blunt: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bruce-wilson/roy-blunt-r-mo-tells-raci_b_292260.html


A.I.: Yes, Republicans who promise not to raise taxes and then raise taxes and call them something else are just as comical. But just right now it's a Democrat on the main stage.

As to Roy Blunt's monkey joke, I'm sorry but you guys on the left have turned into an inquisition, pouring over every word for evidence of heresy. There was nothing the least bit racist about the joke itself. The idea of playing the ball where the monkey throws it is clearly about the frequent absurdity of bureaucracy and political compromise. It has nothing in particular to do with President Obama. And it's actually rather funny.

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