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Wednesday, September 30, 2009



I agree, then, there was Bill Janklow, who all his defenders used the same rational for him to get off with out a harsher sentence than the 100 days because of "all the things he did for the State of South Dakota." I hear you KB...same thing going on in this case as it was with Janklow and his celebrity persona in South Dakota.


Have you read the Anne Applebaum's husband is a Polish politician lobbying for Polanski's release? I think she should have mentioned something about this in her defense of Polanski.
Macgregor, I would agree with you if Janklow's sentence was outside of the ordinary, but from what I understand, his sentence was what was normally called for. Asking for something harsher because of his celebrity is not appropriate either.


Macgregor: I agree on Janklow as well, though I am not sure how many supporters he had after his infamous traffic accident. I know a lot of Republicans in South Dakota, and I didn't hear any of them defending Janklow. I hadn't thought to compare the two cases, but I see your point. On the other hand, Janklow didn't skip bail, did he?

I would say this: while Polanski's supporters are pretty much all of them leftist Hollywood types, a lot of writers on the left had come out forceful against Polanski and against his Hollywood friends.

druggersd: I didn't know about Ms. Applebaum's husband. If true, that is a small scandal.


Just one. Now I am reading she did not know her husband was working to free Polanski when she wrote the article. So I guess it is not scandalous after all.

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