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Saturday, September 05, 2009


Miranda Flint

I have been unimpressed with Obama's speeches since he began his presidential campaign. However, I do not think the his failure to explain the healthcare bill is proof that he is an empty suit. I am not sure anyone could explain it clearly. It is long, complex and convoluted. Obama might be able to understand it if he did nothing else for several days, but I suspect that he hasn't read or taken the time to understand it. And if he does not have an understanding of the bill, it might be very difficult for him to know how it might be amended.

Jim Meidinger

It's not an empty suit. It's just that the clothes have no emperor.

Miranda Flint

I hope that's not like the pale green pants with nobody inside them.


As point of clarification, I am not saying that Barack Obama is an empty suit. I am stating that he is starting to look like one. The President is articulate and certainly seems intelligent enough for the job. But his history also suggests a failure to make up his own mind about a lot of things. His association with Jeremiah Wright is one example. His choice of a Truther and avowed communist as his green jobs czar is another. Indeed, his tendency to appoint so many Czars is yet another. Maybe he has never learned to impose his own judgment on the many opinions coming in from those around him. If that is so, then it would explain why he has yet to come up with his own healthcare policy.


HAHAHAHAHA jesus Flint. You think that Obama is uneducated about the current bill versions and the debate surrounding health care reform?

HA HA HA HAHAHAHA oh boy, this blog is always good for a quick laugh


FS: for someone who doesn't hesitate to call someone else a moron, you have a very hard time grasping a point. Neither Ms. Flint nor I accused President Obama of being uneducated. Ms. Flint's point was that the healthcare proposal itself is all but unexplainable. I think she is quite right about that. My point was that Obama has shown almost no competence at turning the natural cacophony of his advisers into coherent policy by making his own decisions. I am quite right about that. I hope that makes things clear enough for you.

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