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Friday, September 25, 2009



UTTER NONSENSE!!! Iran was not legally required to disclose the facility until 180-days prior to the introduction of nuclear material into the site. The site is still under construction and not even operational yet. The Iranians are therefore doing exactly what they'er supposed to be doing, and not engaged in "deception"


hass: Yeah, those scrupulous Iranians. But you miss the point. It doesn't matter whether the Iranians were playing by the rules if the key nations agree that they aren't. Your 180 day rule looks designed to help the Iranians skirt the rules, but if that is the game that they were playing, they lost this hand. The announcement gave the world community an excuse to get tough. Whether they will use that excuse to good effect is doubtful, as I indicated.


Obama blundered on Iran when he gave up a powerful element in the negotiations with Iran.

Russia continues it’s rhetoric, and there is little chance that Iran's leadership will fall into line on the nuclear arms front.




Even if the Iranians were to develop a nuclear weapon, there is no incentive for them to use. If they did, the detterent force of Israel alone (not to mention the US), which has unofficially has nukes, is enough to wipe Iran out. I believe Iran has some biological weapons that would be more damaging than a nuke. Why haven't they used them? Detterence again....


Erik! I was beginning to think you didn't love me any more. I am feeling all warm and fuzzy. You express a view that is somewhat on the periphery of the debate, but is to be taken seriously: it doesn't matter if the Iranians have nukes, since other countries with nukes will be able to deter them.

Yes, Iran would be risking devastation if they used or tried to use a nuke against Israel or the U.S. But do we, or the Israelis, or the rest of the world really want to rely on that? Was there an incentive for the Taliban to allow al Qaeda to launch an attack on the U.S. from Afghan soil? Maybe the Ayatollahs are really good Machiavellians, playing only for regional power. If that is so, self-interest will always reign in their religious ambitions. Or maybe they really believe all the things they say they believe. In that case, the incentives are considerably enlarged.

At any rate, allowing them to develop nuclear weapons if we can prevent it seems like a very bad gamble to me.

Mr. Raider: I agree that the President's decision to give up Poland and the Czech Republic was a very costly move, but it was all about Russia, not about Iran. Whatever Tehran cares about, it isn't the freedom to lob missiles at Warsaw.

Thanks to all for the comments.

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