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Thursday, September 17, 2009



In that case, the Ministry of Fairies might come in handy.

Warren Berry

Bail-out, Stimulus, Cap&Trade, Health Care, etc. How are we supposed to pay for it? Higher taxes, more borrowing from China and other foreign nations, printing more money which causes inflation. This is ridiculous.


Mark Twain once said that the news of his demise had been highly exaggerated; I think it was after he read his obituary in the newspaper.

I, too, hope it is dead. But I know this: If we don't continue to fight like hell against it we will lose. The Senate will bring it up next week, maybe...perhaps the rush is to run faster than the news.

ONE MAJOR POINT IS MISSED HERE: It is, as Sen. Inhofe says, All economic pain, and no climate gain.

The theory that CO2 drives climate change has been shot so full of holes that is is not only irresponsible to push cap and trade but reprehensible.

For a summary what hss happened to the 'science' see this article by Richard Lindzen, professor of meteorology at MIT:



Thanks to Warren and Mike for the comments. Asking how we can pay for cap and trade is a good question. Here is a good answer: we can't. Mike: I agree that there are problems with global warming theory. I don't think it is quite so "shot full of holes" as you say. But I don't think it is useful enough to justify hobbling our economies for.

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