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Saturday, August 15, 2009



A few things... You seem to care about infidelity to one's wife. That's fine, but for me it seems to be more of a personal thing, not necessarily reflective of a person's character and probably not a huge influence on their policy positions. People get divorced and have bad relationships all the time that they seek comfort from in the arms of another person. Some gay people are wed with families and are completely sexually unfulfilled. There are a lot of reasons that can drive someone to be sexually unfaithful in a marriage. Who are we to judge the validity of someone's emotions and traumas?

Honesty is important too, so when the inquiring minds start to inquire, one might hope that the truth would be forthcoming, but in matters of love and such people don't always act rationally, or might even prefer to keep their personal issues personal.

That being said, there are a couple circumstances in which extra-marital affairs peak my interest. When fidelity in marriage is a campaign issue, when "sanctity" becomes a policy priority of government (which I find silly, since when does government have anything to do with sanctifying anything?), and when a person vilifies homosexuality and then acts contrary to their policy viewpoints that hypocrisy is particularly satisfying and poignant.


Decent enough post I suppose, but a lot of trouble to go to just to take a shot at the NYT's. Would it not be easier and more to the point to criticize them for the no-fact-check Judith Miller, stenographer to Scooter and Dick fiasco?


FS: I think you mean that infidelity only counts against conservatives. Maybe so, but I think that this attitude has done a lot of damage to your own side. Imagine what Bill Clinton might have been able to accomplish in his second term if he hadn't spent so much time negotiating his own lies. Moreover, John Edwards did use his family as part of his campaign image, including his wife's health problems.

Like most Americans, I do think that a line should be drawn between public and private worlds. But imagine that you were considering whether to hire someone who would be responsible for your money and a lot of other people's money. Imagine that some of them are orphans. Now you find out that this guy has been funneling money from his last job to pay for his mistress's apartment, and her silence. Do his opinions on gay marriage really matter to the decision?

A.I.: The NYTs is the most famous American newspaper. The McCain piece was pure yellow journalism. That matters. The double standard matters. And it wasn't just the Times. Virtually every important newspaper ignored the story, even when the evidence started piling up. This guy might have been president. So, yeah, I think it was worth a blog.


I think you missed my point which was that I think the worst part of most of these situations is the hypocrisy. Like Larry Craig who "supported the Federal Marriage Amendment, which barred extension of rights to same-sex couples; he voted for cloture on the amendment in both 2004 and 2006, and was a cosponsor in 2008." "Craig voted against cloture in 2002, which would have extended the federal definition of hate crimes to cover sexual orientation. This legislation was passed in 2007 in both the House and the Senate as the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007. Craig voted against the measure." But himself was either gay or bi-sexual as he was picked up in Minneapolis for hitting on a man in a bathroom stall.

Or any of the "defense of marriage as an institution" folks who are so vitriolic in their defense of the "institution of marriage" then shit all over it by destroying their families with extra-marital affairs.

I don't care about what Bill Clinton did or didn't do in office and it was stupid as hell to investigate him in the first place. It was also stupid as hell for him to lie about it under oath. He should have fessed up and moved on. Same with Edwards. Lying about it makes it worse, even if it's a natural reaction... but once you're caught, you're caught... give it up.

My point basically was this: who cares if bill clinton cheats? he never got sanctimonious about defending marriage as a sacred whatever the hell. That's his own deal. [[talking exclusively about the cheating not the lying etc.]] Larry Craig trying to get jiggy with a dude in an airport bathroom is something no one should care about, except that the man categorically hates gay people. It's really sad for him as a human being for one of two reasons: he either hates himself for being gay, or he doesn't really hate gay people he just acts that way publicly for political reasons. Either way it pretty much makes him a monster.


this is amazing article, there is a similar article on the website www.whooopsamerica.com about john edwards and his baby... it's a shame that this is what is happening to our once valued political leaders


FS: Either you are going to separate private behavior from public action and positions, or not. Hypocrisy is relevant only if private conduct is relevant. If it doesn't matter what Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office when the cameras were not turned on, then it doesn't matter what Larry Craig did in the airport bathroom. You want it to matter only for the other side.

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