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Thursday, August 27, 2009



excellent points, kb.


I didn't trust the government in the 60's and I was called a "leftist". I don't trust the government today and I'm called "a right wing mobster".

Regardless of the label, I've never trusted "big government" and never will.

P.J. O'Rourke probably said it best; "giving money to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teen-age boys".


Thank you both for your comments.

William: Which piece of O'Rourke's was that analogy from? I'd love to read it.


At the mercy of both big government and big business is little me--and little KB, lexrex, William and Miranda. I would be no more a fan of big government than any of you were it not for big business. But the latter being a necessary reality (my local mechanic isn't going to build a Chevy), I exercise what control I can through the former.

The notion that government programs can be screwed up by political appointments is true only to an extent. Something like FEMA is quite sensitive to a bad appointment like "Brownie" while Medicare is not. That's because FEMA must respond to situations that vary greatly and arise quickly (emergencies) meaning the top management must be creative and diligent in guiding the underlying bureaucracy if their response is to be effective. Medicare, on the other hand, does not face much day to day change in its function and a poor management team is not nearly so threatening to its effectiveness. And like medicare, a public insurance option for the rest of us could be well insulated from the ineptitude of bad appointees. Maybe that is part of the reason HR 3200 doesn't fit on the back of a napkin.



I sympathize to some degree with your sentiments. Many big businesses are
corrupt to the core. But it seems to me that the government is the biggest business of all and perhaps the one most riddled with corruption.

Most of what I have seen in the healthcare bill so far seems to grant the government more power. I haven't yet seen a lot limitations or restrictions on that in what I have read so far. But, because it IS a long, complicated bill, it is entirely possible that I just haven't found my way there yet.

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