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Saturday, August 15, 2009



Is that Hugh Laurie on the right?


I know this might sound redundant but it reminds me of a really bad black velvet painting.


It looks like something you would see on the side of a van.


All I can think of, without spending too much thought on it, is Obama is trapped between the House and communism? Stalin? "Rock and a hard place. Devil and the deep blue sea." I don't know. Crap.

Out with it.


Obama is riding the American dream to victory over communism and Doctor House.


Dr. House is attempting to figure out what ailment is causing Obama to ride around naked while hallucinating patriotic unicorns.


I am guessing that the painting is a critique of Obama's healthcare proposals. Stalin and Dr. House. That's a rock and a hard place. But the naked President is a bit much.

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