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Monday, August 31, 2009



So "the equivalent of many as 16 million families" will be effected for one out of every 8760 hours 8 years hence--maybe. Not very scary stats if I understand them correctly. I don't think there has been a year in my lifetime that my home wasn't without power longer than that.


Nothing ever bothers you, does it? You are missing the point, I think. Occasional power outs due to storms, equipment failures, etc., are indeed a fact of life on the power grid. Those things will not go away in England. But to that will be added another sixteen million house/hours of blackout time due not to malfunctions but to lack of capacity. That is entirely due to a failure of policy.


So we are reduced to hoping for continued incompetence on the part of a government that once ruled the world? I suppose as long as the goal is reasonable, hope remains.

George Mason

With apologies to Professor Blanchard, government is the last refuge of the
incompetent. This why the budget projections never match reality. See Medicare,
Social Security and Obama's no cost universal health insurance. The lights are
not the only thing that will go out.


You forgot to explain the 8 years hence part. That's approximately when Medicare becomes insolvent too--if current trends continue.

Doom-and-gloom forecasts become true only if we let them. And fyi, lots of things bother me always. But, I can't really get serious about screeds driven by political ideology applied to scientific or simple-logic reality.

You can argue that global warming doesn't exist or government can do nothing right and thus should not intercede. It is your right as a free-speaking American. And I can choose to laugh (be light-hearted in the discussion) because if I don't, the alternative is to cry.

I don't know the details of the problem Britain faces and my guess is you don't either. I mean that in light of workable alternatives. Co-ops in SD offer customers a dual-fuel option that lets the coop shut down electricity when demand exceeds supply. It happens rarely, as in your forecast for Britain. When is does happen, customers don't notice the interruption. While that may not be the solution, perhaps there is some other way for lower-percentage-carbon blue skies to continue to shine over Britain.


A.I.: All I know about Britain is what I read in the Times, the Telegraph, the Guardian, and other papers. But I do read. The British Government has known for a long time that it was going to have to shut down a lot of power plants and it did not adequately prepare for that. At present, the only serious alternative to fossil fuels is nuclear power, and the Brits have been lax in planning for new nuclear plants.

The fact that the government projects modest blackouts years from now is very alarming because it happened at all. Governments are irresistibly tempted to paint rosy scenarios. It will probably be much worse. But the most serious sign of incompetence is the idea that wind power is part of the solution to their energy problem. That may one day be true, though I doubt it. But in the foreseeable future, wind power makes everything worse. It absorbs energy rather than producing it, costs jobs, and leads to increases in carbon emissions. Precisely if you think global warming is serious, you would want to get this straight.

Like you, I find a lot to laugh about here.


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