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Tuesday, July 07, 2009



But can you clone a conservative...or a liberal?


there's a great joke in there somewhere. It is not impossible (in theory) that you could knock out certain genes in the embryo that would increase the chances of a conservative or liberal outlook. No Palin or Franken jokes please.


Those with Fragile X are not "almost always a boy." Any child with the affected X chromosome will have Fragile X. Girls have two X chromosomes, so they are often, but not always, less affected by the condition. They still suffer learning disabilities and anxiety, even if typically less severe.


At least it was a cat and not a kid!


Bill: I defer to your information here. I may have confused one of the 247 syndromes I have been hearing about over the last few days. I do remember our instructors saying that girls were generally less severely affected. Thanks for the comment.

Miranda: if it were a cat, would it be a conservative or a liberal cat?


Dr. Blanchard:
That depends. Are we talking about a cat with the Fragile X syndrome or without?



All liberal cats have Fragile X syndrome.

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