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Tuesday, July 07, 2009



"What we are learning is that genes do not cause behavior, let alone passions and experience."

Don't wimp out. Only bees produce the environment of a beehive. Other insects that somehow manage to be born in a beehive are not likely to help with the work of the hive.

Some others can thrive though, like the wax moth.


I am sorry, kulak, you lost me. I am sure it's not true that "only bees produce the environment of a beehive." A beehive operates in a dynamic relationship with everything else. Lord Buddha called that "interdependence". As for other insects born in the beehive, I have no expertise.


I did not intentionally misrepresent your argument. You poked fun at me by saying that my "spidey" sense went off and I poked back by accusing you of sounding like a Republican.
That part was meant as a joke. However, you did admit that the destruction of the vehicles would be environmentally damaging and in the same post, and you seemed to be indicating that you believed it was still a good program, because it was boosting the environment. I did recognize that you thought that the same environmental harm would eventually be done, so I'm not sure that I agree that you were misrepresented. Nevertheless, I apologize.

If it turns out that this program is worse for the environment than letting a car live out it's life, will you oppose it?

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