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Sunday, July 05, 2009



How can anyone support a person who runs for the Presidency, but, could not finish her term as Governor. This move makes her a "quitter," one who could not handle her job and could not "hack it" until the end. If she can not complete a term as Governor, how can she hope to complete a term in the Presidency?

Roger J

At least she remembers most people want as little Government interference as possible


That is a BS excuse if I have ever heard one. She couldn't "hack it." Her brother admits the "incessant attacks" effected her leadership. Well, if she thinks attacks effect her leadership as Governor of a small state...then she has alot to learn. The Presidency is 100 times worse. She has no clue and is not Presidential Material. You can not quit just because people are picking on you.


Here is a bumper sticker for her 2012 Campaign: "When the going gets tough...Sarah Palin Quits."

P. Chirry

Maybe she doesn't want to be president? Maybe it's like she said in her speech, getting into the national spotlight made it impossible to do her duties, and so for Alaska's sake, she's stepping aside and letting somebody without that problem do them more efficiently?


That would be just fine because she could not handle the job of President.


KB, I have to apologize for yesterday's comments on this subject. I just read today from the AP that Palin gave another interview the other day and proclaims that she is "not a quitter." Her lawyer now indirectly asserts that a "hostile political environment" and "combative" legislature may be to blame for the former Alaskan Governor's resignation.

George Mason

KB; You are begging the question: Did you think Joe Biden was presidential material? As we learned in the VP debate, Sarah Palin knows the Constitutional responsibilities of the Vice-President while Joe Biden (20+ years in the Senate) had no clue.


Sarah Palin knows nothing about responsibility as her actions have clearly shown.


George Mason:

I think Joe Biden knows as much about Constitutional responsibilities as he does about anything else.

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