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Saturday, July 25, 2009


Okpulot Taha

Tonight on the Jim Lehrer Newshour, syndicated columnist Mark Shields confirmed Obama knew ahead of time about this Gates question and who would ask this question. Obama did not "stumble" into this as being reported.

Obama had plenty of time to think about his response, and Obama made a freewill choice to call on the reporter with this question.

Obama deliberately made an issue of this Gates scandal.

America, you have been punked.

Okpulot Taha
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Wow!! I never thought that this will be such a big news. It went from Gates arrest to Obama apalogy. This has become more interesting than what I thought. So, I collected all the sites or articles (more than 250 sites or articles) related to this hot topic "Cambridge Police Unit Demands Apology from Obama". If you are interested take a look at news, video coverage, people views and reviews on this topic at the below link.


As the old saying goes, it's hard to remember your goal is to drain the swamp when your up to your ass in alligators. In this instance, Obama furnished his own alligators.

I agree fully with John Stewart's response as Obama addressed instead of side-stepping the question: Nooooooooo!!!!!!!


My husband speculates that Obama created this distraction on purpose to draw attention away from from the decreasing popularity of Obama's health care plan. I tend not to believe in conspiracies, but it is an interesting suggestion.


So now the guys are coming over for a beer. All's well that ends well and if it was a planned detraction, it worked like a charm.


Er, sorry about the errors above.

Yes, it did, A.I. But how long will it last?


A.I.: good comment.

Miranda: I am not sure the Administration is quite daring enough to engineer a gaff to divert attention from healthcare, but it's a good Machiavellian story line.

Welcome Okpulot Taha to the conversation. It is clear now that the Administration planted the Louisgate question, which supports the House Miranda theory. I still think that Obama thought he was being measured in his response. He just blew it.


The President admitted he was wrong and I admire him for doing that.


Mac: no he didn't. He admitted that he used a poor choice of words, and wished he had "calibrated" his words differently. He effectively denied that he said what he obviously did say: that the Cambridge police acted stupidly. That is not owing up.


I'm not sure what Obama should own up to KB. Crowley did act stupidly. To say so is not to say Crowley or his department is stupid. Intelligent people are certainly capable of doing stupid things as we all make mistakes. So the only thing I can see for Obama to own up to is offering a brutally honest assessment when a diplomatic sidestep would have saved him a lot of trouble.


KB, I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this one...


A.I.: if Obama was right to say the Cambridge police acted stupidly, then why did he deny he was "maligning" the Cambridge police or Officer Crowley in particular? Might it have been because the stupidity was not evident at all? Moreover, as I pointed out, Obama's original statement confounded the two issues of breaking and entering and disorderly conduct.

It is a large issue whether a man has the right to behave like a loon in response to a legal and proper police visit. Libertarians, pointing out that this was in Gate's home, say yes. I say no. Police are entitled to a certain amount of respect in such situations. It is their responsibility to protect themselves and private citizens by shutting down a potentially dangerous situation before it becomes actually dangerous. In retrospect one can see that Gates posed no threat, but on the ground one has to make decisions fast. Better safe than sorry. So I am not convinced that Officer Crowley acted stupidly.

Mac: indeed we may have to disagree. Where would be the fun in agreeing?

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