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Saturday, July 11, 2009


P. Chirry

What would happen if the government eliminated pharmaceutical patents and funded R&D of new drugs through government grants instead? Is that reform ever considered?

Mark Anderson

You left out insurance agents and companies, why would you do that?


P. Chirry: Easy answer. Progress in pharmacy would come to an end. How much progress in medical research goes on in Totalitarian regimes?

Mark: The insurance industry pulls in the other direction. They don't want to pay for more treatment than they have to. Beyond that, how is this industry relevantg to my point?

P. Chirry

But is the historical lack of progress in totalitarian regimes because totalitarianism is inefficient or because totalitarian regimes tend also to be evil and murder off their most brilliant scientists?

Walter Grant

Dear South Dakotans:
As a Proud Canadian, it is appalling to hear members of the U.S. Congress trashing our most precious Legislation-our Health Care System. Please ask Members to provide reliable Statistics-NOT individual complaints in this-America's Most Important DEbate since IRAQ!
In November my Gallbladder was removed just 24 hours after my 2nd Attack. Cost to me $0.00 Nil. Nada. Please tell all your Legislators. CANADIANS LOVE OUR SYSTEM and IT WORKS!
Why are US Seniors crossing into Canada to buy prescription Drugs?
Walter Grant


Walter: sorry, but your operation cost you plenty. Government sponsored healthcare is payed for by taxes on people and on enterprises. Both have consequences. Go to a medical supply store and price out a hernia belt. We don't have them down here, because we don't have to wait for that kind of operation. If American seniors go north for drugs, a lot of Canadians come south for treatments they are tired of waiting for.

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