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Monday, July 27, 2009


Gregg's Health Insurance News

I think cost controls is a necessity for the greater good of the system. This is something not being discussed by the President, and it is disingenuous. I haven't seen real talk about reforming the drug companies. Their affect on the current system is enormous. Drug companies are profiting at 5,000% on some of their drugs. ...that just stinks to high heaven.


Well, it wouldn't be quite so expensive if Obama is listening to Ezekiel Emanuel and if the rumors about Emanuel's views on the elderly and disabled are true:


I'm not sure how reliable the New York Post is, but I'm sure its writers know their facts as well as Obama knew his in GatesGate.


Are the older treatments and technologies actually getting cheaper or is the cost of procedures that have been around for decades getting cheaper? I'm not sure they are or that they aren't rising faster than worker earnings too. And Googling historic cost of medical procedures, etc gets me current costs but no comparisons.

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