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Friday, July 17, 2009


Suzi Orman

Nearly everyone uses their credit cards for things they don’t need to, and some merely used to. Even my stingy mother has a credit card that she uses solely to keep her credit score high and her credit report looking great, but she even uses it for purchases like a large flat screen television, clothes shopping and more. We just love the idea that we can buy something and simply pay over time. Credit card companies want you to do exactly that


In case the health care reform provides the general public with peace of mind, the rising mental stress or illness caused by financial instability may bend the curve surprisingly,
in combination with kicking out the 'keep eating habit' to forget the deep-seated instability and apprehension, I guess.
'Work or Break' health system with no brake or safety system might be one of the biggest hidden cause of mental stress, obesity or overweight threatening the overall economy, I cautiously suppose.


In a government managed system, which is what this will end up as, the only way costs will be managed will be through rationing care. If you are too old, or have an unhealthy or "dangerous" lifestyle you'll simply be refused treatment.

Even if you are "granted" the privilage of treatment, you'll experience delays in receiving.

While those that can afford insurance or to privately pay for their own care will likely still be able to obtain timely and quality care (at least for the first few years), for most of us there will be no choice.


Suzi: Yes, credit is a temptation. But it is only possible when there is someone with the resources to extend it. When the whole nation is running a large deficit, and the Chinese stop lending, then deficit spending starts to eat our seed capital.

hsr: I am dubious that many people worry about healthcare coverage until they actually get sick. I am more inclined to doubt that overeating will be curbed in anyone by the Democrats healthcare programs.

William: some form of rationing is probably inevitable. Healthcare technology is expanding as fast or faster than the nation is growing old. We just can't afford all the technology that might save or extend someone's life or health. That's not a harsh judgment, it's just an inconvenient truth. My concern is that the Democrat's bill will try to extend the overly expensive treatment schedule we have now to more and more people. That will break the bank sooner rather than later.


Cost? How about people just not wanting reform? You were right all along KB, here's the proof: http://www.theonion.com/content/video/study_most_children_strongly?utm_source=videoembed



You really nailed me with this one. I have long been an admirer of The Onion, but here they have outdone themselves. When I was a little kid, I was vehemently opposed to healthcare. For political reasons, of course.

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