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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Thomas Fritz

Blaming Prop 13 is a cop out done by tax crazy and spend crazy libs from the day Prop 13 was passed. I worked to help get it passed.

People forget...and the lib big spenders forget intentionally...that Prop 13 protected property owners who were not on the real estate ride-to-riches wagon. IF you stayed in your house, they...the tax hungry lib spenders...could not raise your property taxes just to satisfy their avarice.

BUT, if you were in the 'buy and sell and buy up and sell up' real estate ponzi game, then the property taxes were reassessed to baseline at 1% of the selling price.

The result: long term real residents weren't forced out of their homes. The players in real estate paid the toll for their shell games.

For a few years before Howard Jarvis and Paul Gann got the ball rolling on Prop 13, it was a regular occurrence to read or watch the reports of retirees who had been in their homes for 20, or 30 or more years, being forced out of their homes because the property taxes had been raised to the point that the yearly tax bill exceeded the original buying price of the home.

I knew people who had family members who were victims of the property tax rate explosion.

The eco weenie brown shirts have pretty much succeeded in denuding the state of small manufacturing and light industrial businesses.

The libs have done their best to keep the borders open for illegal immigration. When the legal citizens of California decided to stop being ripped off for the social costs of the influx of illegals, and passed Prop 187, the libs cried "RACISTS!!!!" and declared Prop 187 unconstitutional.

IF Prop 187 had been implemented, California would not be $26 billion in the hole. The deficit would be less than half that.

Do I totally blame the libs in office? Not totally. I also blame the bozos who kept...and keep on...electing the tax and spend freaks just so that 'they' could and can get their own little small pile of 'goodies'.

I got out of there 26 years ago. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

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