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Friday, May 01, 2009



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Alan, AMEN! Especially given that most of these countries have a totllay different legal system: Common law vs. Civil law. Since civil law (in most European countries except Great Britain) places a much smaller precedence on the decisions of other courts, and much more on written laws, the civil law countries probably wouldn't rely as heavily on any decision coming out of the world court either.I have a big problem having criminal law (or any US law for that matter) being bound by some law passed by a legislature elsewhere and I can't even vote the devils out of office! (international trade treaties in international trade issues notwithstanding )


The Supreme Court certainly didn't bow to Gallup polls when they dcideed Citizens United v. FEC, or Kelo v. City of New London. And the unpopularity of the health care bill is much more of a tactically-achieved construct, as all of the detailed polls have shown. Most of the individual components of "Obamacare" are well-liked by the public. The various facets of unlimited corporate campaigning and condemning property under eminent domain never were. Same as it ever was: it's going to require five activist judges legislating from the bench to knock out the health care law.

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