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Monday, May 18, 2009



I think the questions you need to be asking is whether Obama would have entered into the Iraq War in the first place... Rather than trying to fault him for his responsible transition he is making from the previous Presidency into his own. The guy can't magic away the Iraq situation that he didn't create, and never supported, but hopefully given his better judgment, he will not be entering the US into another unjustified war. I think we could safely speculate that had Obama been president in the time that George W Bush was, the Iraq war would not have come about. So they are not exactly the same at all.

That being said, I'm sure you are quite aware what a disingenuous argument you are making. But hey, anything to stir a little controversy right?


Obama is a closet Republican, and I didn't realize that when I voted for him. Sure I picked him over Hillary after she made those "under sniper fire" remarks which would have doomed her if she ran against "war hero" John McCain. But I'm hoping Ron Paul will run as an Independent in 2012...since there's no way I'd vote for any Republican, and Ralph Nader is a perennial dud. We need REAL change in this country next time around.



Why do I "need" to be asking whether Obama would have entered the Iraq War in the first placed? We are in. Short of a time machine, the question we need to ask is what to do now. Obama is doing what Bush would have done. Besides, Bush didn't go in alone. He had the support of Congress, including many prominent Democrats like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. Granted, Obama was opposed. But as he was not yet in Congress, that was not a difficult decision either way.

The question the Democrats never have to ask, thanks to George W., is what they would have done about Saddam Hussein. We were in fact at war with him since Bush 41. American planes patrolled his skies (an act of war, mind you) for every day of the Clinton Administration. Should we have kept that up forever? Let Saddam wiggle out of the inspection regime? Or should we have done what Bush 43 did?

However we answer those questions, Barack Obama ran for President with the Iraq war and the war on terror already going on. He explicitly ran against policies that he is now embracing. It is not the least bit disingenuous to point that out.


I think 8 years from now this article will be even more laughable than it is today.

I'll give you some credit for not going as far as to say Obama=Hitler 2

But not a lot.



In your first comment you try to establish a distance Bush and Obama policy by directing our attention to events six years past. In your second one (this time minus an argument) you think Obama will be saved by looking back from eight years in the future. Such an allergic reaction to the here and now on your part confirms my argument: that on national security issues Obama's policies are pretty much what Bush's policies were and would have been in a mythical third term.

As to Obama=Hitler 2, you will find nothing remotely like that here at SDP. We are opposed to that sort of thing both by inclination and on principle. I feel perfectly free to criticize the President because, in a Republic, one does not have to fear the President. Moreover, I have no reason at all to suspect any totalitarian or authoritarian impulses on P. Obama's part. Finally, while I do not agree with many of Obama's policies, I do not dislike him at all nor do I think he is a bad man.

Thanks for the comments. You are welcome to post more.



I'll post some more the next time you write an absurd article.

So get to work.



My response to this - Posted May 20, 2009.









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