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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Troy Jones


You must be a staunch member of the Oxford Church or not enamored with any religion which has strict standards which was an obstacle for you to give much of a defense of Catholics or our church on this internal matter for it was worse than weak. Frankly, it is a distraction from the greater point you are trying to make: the morality of abortion is an issue that is likely to be irreconcilable but there are related issues surrounding unwanted pregnancies where both sides can work together and there is room for greater tolerance in light of differences.

There is great truth in this point in that we need a new attitude of dialogue on this issue on both sides. This said, ultimately, for the long-term good of the body politic we need to find political solutions that have broader general support by the people. This can only be done by giving greater involvement of elected respresentatives and even direct democracy and removing this issue as the exclusive perogative of the appointed (courts).



Thanks for the comment. Your first sentence rather defeats my powers of interpretation, for which I pride myself. My first paragraph was partly tongue-in-cheek, and partly serious. I do think that having genuinely diverse voices in the public argument is a good thing (within reason), and that that requires each faction to have some courage with regard to its principles. If it really was a violation of church rules to invite President Obama to speak and award him an honor, then they should not have done that.

I certainly agree with your comment that democracy is a better way to deal with the abortion controversy than the Courts. But that was the point of my reflections on the history of tolerance. Obama's position seems to be that pro-lifers so long as they accept that the pro-choice position is in charge and non-negotiable.


Dear Admin,do you think Obama could be converted?I have heard from other rsmealthat he is highly spiritual.Forgive me, but I consider him to bea wicked spirit in a high place.how should I deal with these conflicting feelingsI have towards my Nation's president?my honorific mentality toward the Christ -Childmakes me hateful toward Obama.I honor the Christ-Child dailyby having once and for allset up my little christmas treewith little white lightsand the image of the Infant Jesusin a manger below itout on my apartment balcony.I visit this scene everydayif only to be pacifiedwhere anger wishes to exercisethe power of Time and Deathover Obamaby virtue of ardent prayer.I will avoid it for now,the ardent prayer to see Obama's own end.I turn to Romeand see the Holy Spirit nowin the Flesh of Pope Benedict XVI.It is true.He is the Lord,the Third Person of the Holy Trinity.Do not doubt, Thomas, but believe.God has visited His people.He has come to His people and set them free.He has remembered His promiseto the House of Israel,the New Israel,to save Us from Our Enemies,freeing Us to worship Him without fear,holy and righteous in His Sightall the days of Our Lives.We must seek the forgiveness of Our Sinsand then We will know the way of salvation.Be ready for changes.- RebeccaTexas, USA

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