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Wednesday, May 20, 2009



I will feel no sorrow over those tales of people who can't get credit cards under the new rules. And if my rebates disappear and rates go up, so be it: if the only way Citibank can afford to give me rebates is by taking advantage of other lenders, then I'm complicit in the bad behavior I've been decrying. Maybe I'll just have to cut up my credit cards and stick with my bank debit card... which is a more honest way of managing my money.

Todd Epp


Could I interest you in a bowl of pudding?



Cory: you seem very certain that you know what is best for everyone. Why is it bad behavior to penalize less responsible people and reward more responsible people? Of course I know that Democrats are inclined to do the opposite, and they also frequently confuse taxing others with self-sacrifice. You may be willing to pay more for credit without the stigma of high rates, but it won't be just you who is paying will it? Why not just start your own credit company, and offer cards without any of the penalties, fees, etc. that you think are unjust. Surely all the good lefties will line up to get your cards, and cut their own to ribbons.

You may feel no sorrow if a lot of people can't get credit cards, and I applaud your position of moral superiority. But the New York Times (if it still exists) will feel sorrow, especially when the burden of the law falls unequally on Black and Hispanic borrowers as compared to Middle Class Whites. And then something will have to be done about it. We know where this kind of thing went when it happened to houses.


What is the sound of one hand blogging?


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