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Friday, April 17, 2009



A few points:

If there were any rallies against our actions in Afghanistan, I missed them. It was all about Iraq.

Any hatred from port was generally rooted in opposition to policy and certainly was not directed at "Israel and America in general" (which is, excuse the snark, a place I can't seem to find on a map). The Bush Administration liked to blur the line between itself and America thus making protesters unamerican threats to God, mom and apple pie. But that was just a semantic contrivance designed to deflect criticism, denigrate opponents and intimidate some critics into silence.

To elaborate a bit, anti Bush/war rallies were born out of opposition to real policy. The tea parties ostensibly protested Obama Administration tax policy which makes little sense since the bulk of the protesters are receiving tax cuts. Yes, some expressed legitimate concerns about deficits, but their anger generally seemed unfocused on the policy front and laser-like against Obama. And by the way, did you see anyone of color at the tea parties?

I know the world must look a bit different on the starboard side than on port, but really, isn't the double entendre on the dog a bit wittier and less offensive than the Obama bow with implications. I mean it's a low-slung dog so at worst he would have peed on Bush's ankle.


Just looked at that dog again. He might be tall enough for the calf. My bad.


I think I understand. Anti Bush/war rallies were more legitimate because they had people of color in the crowd. Ah, diversity run amok! While some of the protesters at the tea parties may be benefiting personally from the current administrations tax policy, is it that hard to imagine citizens being against policy they feel is bad for the country regardless of personal gain?

I guess this is what makes politics so damn amusing. For 8 years those on port were giddy about all the vile and distasteful things said about OUR president, but now that the shoe is on the other foot.....

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