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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


bill howard

Let the gays get married in IRAN. They need the best send off.


Amen! Hopefully Vermont will show the rest of the country that the legislative process works.


Leave it to Vermont and Iowa to be the most progressive states in the nation, shame on us here in California for passing Prop 9. Whether you call it Gay Marriage or Civil Union, the basic premise is that every person should have equal rights. It’s good to see that some states are progressing, I made a list on my site of the states I think will legalize Gay Marriage first: http://www.toptentopten.com/topten/first+states+that+will+legalize+gay+marriage


I think you missed the point, Vince... it's not an issue of 'equal rights' at all.


I know from past exchanges your argument is that homosexuals already enjoy "equal rights" because they have the same right to marry someone of the opposite sex as do heterosexuals. But that is kind of like saying a vegan at a steak fry has the same right to eat as the meat-eating guests. He could force himself to eat, but doing so would be repulsive, unsatisfying and perhaps would make him physically ill.



As long as a law is applied the same way to everyone, it doesn't raise equal protection questions. That is a matter of simple logic. To be sure, a liberty extended equally to everyone will not be of equal value to everyone. The right to an abortion directly benefits only women. Whatever might be wrong with legalized abortion (I am opposed), it isn't a violation of equal protection for adults. Anyone who gets pregnant can employ the right. Whatever might be wrong with same sex restrictions on marriage (again, I am opposed), it isn't inequality.


Were poll taxes not "applied the same way to everyone"? Harper v. Virginia Board of Elections



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