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Saturday, February 07, 2009



I'm fervently praying that the population in Iraq has seen the hate, the violence, the murders, maimings, rapes and beheadings enough to realize fully the barbaric, hate and murdered filled alleged religion they have been fed for 1400 years in the very clear light of day and that they will study it and realize once they realize the true efforts and desires of it's alleged prophet mohammed were nothing more than the desires and wishes, 'though much broader and more dangerous to the entire world' of Hitler and his rale in planned attempt to rule the world and control each and every member of humanity, both male and female. If they truly read and count the numbers of revelations contained in this koran, seeing and numbering the teachings of hate, human rights abuse, murder of anyone who doesn't believe the lies; they would realize logically and intelictually that mohammed created this ideology and each and every one of it's revelations from it's alleged god, allah in order to rule, control all believers and to make it possible for him to do all the robbing, raping, killing, pillaging and whatever other perversion he happened to that day want to do. His revelations about his marriage to alisha wherein it made it ok for him to child molest an underage female were timed down to the day in which they were needed. His follower questions his desire to wed and bed aisha bring up the question is it right to literally child molest an underage female; thereby the next day, after expediently having a revelation overnight on this particular issue, allah oks this perversion coincidentally right when mohammed needs it. mohammed made up each and every mandate, law, revelation in order to control his surroundings and create a realm in which he could do just whatever his needs and perversions required. If intellectual arabs and other cultures with this desease ideology amongst them, would openly and honestly read, study and review the history and actions of mohammed and the followers of his left behind and in control of the alleged religion and their own histories of control, hatred, murder, robbing, pillaging and the child molestation of uderage females all for the express purpose of making islam and their rule supreme throughout the current realm and the globe; making their violence and perversion proper in the eyes of their followers. Any intelligent human being has to see the fraud and reasons for it, in the light of what all the creators of it, it's teachings, alleged book and practices mantain in the end; complete control of peoples lives in ever aspect of them. That's what mohammed wanted, that's what those leading this ideology have wanted since it's inception and that's what they have mantained by strength of the sword, whether those swords are bombs, human bombs or the atomic kind.

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