One-Line Bio


South Dakota Politics was founded by Jason Van Beek in January of 2003, during his second year of law school at the University of South Dakota. After sitting for the bar exam in July of 2004, Jason became a research consultant for John Thune's historic Senate campaign which toppled the nation's leading Democrat, Sen. Tom Daschle. Having passed the bar exam, Jason became a member of the state bar in October, 2004, and in January of 2005 became a staffer for Sen. John Thune. Upon employment with Sen. Thune's staff, Jason, 29, stopped blogging and turned over control of the blog to several distinguished contributors:

Jon Schaff
Political Science Professor, Northern State University

Ken Blanchard
Political Science Professor, Northern State University

Jason Heppler
History Graduate Student, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dustin Adams
Law Student, George Washington University

Quentin Riggins, Blogger Emeritus
Law Student, University of South Dakota

Wes Roth, Blogger Emeritus
Computer Science, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Alum

Jon Lauck, Blogger Emeritus
History Professor/Lawyer, South Dakota State University

Jason Van Beek, Founder/Blogger Emeritus

All of these contributors live, work and learn in South Dakota. Every major geographic location in the state is represented by their presence, providing a wide range of conservative commentary from every corner of South Dakota.

We are a moderately conservative blog and generally support Republicans against their critics; however, we also criticize our friends when we believe they have gone wrong. Our most common Modus Operandi is to present the evidence and let readers decide for themselves.

We reach out to everybody and ask for your support. If you have any comments or ideas, let us know. If you are actively involved in South Dakota politics and wish to share information, let us know. Visit often and spread the word; we will do our part daily. This is a collective effort, not just among the contributors but also among those who support us.

Note: The views expressed on this blog do not represent the views of anyone’s respective institutions.