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Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Donald Pay

I think you've got it completely wrong. Obama saw the uprising as the end of the willingness of the people in the middle east to put up with the very horseshit kind of diplomacy that these elitist idiots championed. Why do you want to tether US policy to these desperate genocidal monsters?

If you read on in the article you'll find that Obama was right: he sensed that the people of the middle east are tired of and resented and were no longer going to accept the hypocritical backroom diplomacy that keeps dicatators and autocrats in power just because some idiots in DC have some sort of "relationship" with some of these people. It's the end of the US holding hands with these oil autocrats and petty dictators, like the Bushes did. Obama saw this clearly and correctly as the people rejecting the old idea of diplomacy supporting dicatators who use terror to stay in power.

Jon S

I wonder if Donald was delighted in 1979 when the Shah, the man the "elitist idiots" supported, was overthrown by the Iranian theocrats?

Donald Pay

The Shah was an illegitimate leader, who terrorized the Iran population while sucking up all the oil money. A British-US backed coup of the elected government in Iran set up the Shah's family as an autocratic puppet government. What happens when we support dictators and autocrats is that people use whatever vehicle they can to get rid of these illegitimate leaders. The theocrats happened to be the best organized, but the movement to dump the Shah had the broad support of everyone. The lesson we should have learned from the overthrow of the Shah is to support the forces of democracy that want to dismantle autocratic governments. Thank God we have have a leader now who wants to put us on course to wean ourselves off the oil that these autocrats have used to blackmail us into supporting them. Of course, we have our own idiots here, called Republicans, who just love holding hands with dictators and autocrats as long as they get their fix of oil.

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