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Saturday, October 06, 2012


Stan Gibilisco

... unless Reality pierces the shield.


The definition of "winner" has been equivalent to the most garrulous, dishonest, and ravaging of the rules of order. That needs to stop because it makes us all complicit in being false. I do not think that a loud liar wins. Please define winning, if you disagree.

But it has also been equated to seeming "presidential". A president has to deal with some pretty obscene and dishonest rulers of sovereign nations. There is no persuading someone who acts like that, and you cannot order them arrested or killed. It seems that the best way of dealing with such unflinching bigotry and lies is to speak the truth as consistently as possible, and carry on with what else needs to be done.

There is also a lot of history in argument and conflicts in *not* responding to aggression. What Obama did do was lay out what was true. There is no need to attack Romney for all the flubs, as they will continue to haunt him, and will be easy targets for the next debate as well.

There *is* a need to bring reason to this emotional and vitriolic campaign season. Watching Obama in the debate was relaxing and reassuring. He made the case -- by example -- that critical thinking can thrive even in the face of an inconstant rhetorical blitzkrieg.


Politics is like pro-wrestling except people still think it's real.

Bill Fleming

Do you have a prejudice against introverts KB?


As you mention, Ken, President Obama is not much of a speaker when he has to speak off the cuff. Here is the thinking of a bunch of people from a leading univerisity http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2012/10/05/Obama-Supporters-President-Should-Have-Teleprompter-At-Debates. This President has a record that can only be defended by lies. The jobs number is a case in point.
If Obama is an introvert, he has the biggest ego in history for an introvert. Perhaps Al Gore is right. It is the thin air. Watching the debate was somewhat relaxing and reassuring. Before this, I had serious doubts as to whether Romney could pull it off. This shows what happens when someone is passionate about what he believes or only spouts lip service. President Obama is a collectivist at best. When he spouts free market principles, he does not believe it and it shows. It showed Wednesday night.


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the King's horses,
And all the King's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

Bill Fleming

Oh boy. Brietbart.

Jon S

Bill, Lincoln and Reagan were introverts but they had no problem working and talking with people. Reagan certainly held many press conferences. To be an introvert (and here I speak from experience) is not simply to isolate yourself from people, as Obama appears to do. I think it is a combination of his introversion and a supreme arrogance where he really believe that no one has anything to teach him about anything. He doesn't feel he should have to justify his arguments, as his own awesomeness is self-justification, and he bristles at the notion that anyone is good enough to criticize him. Milbank says in his piece that with the departure of Rahm Emmanual Obama has surrounded himself with a bunch of yes men. That is precisely what Obama wants. It may prove his undoing, although I continue to think his chances of re-election are excellent.

Donald Pay

When you look at substance and honesty, Obama won. That conservatives want people to look the other way, says a lot about them, not Obama.

Unlike Romney, Obama didn't have to resort to throwing most of his two-year campaign to pander for the ignorant class under the bus, for example. Romney ceded all points about the need for government regulation to Obama. On the points he didn't cede, he was pandering to the monied class, not the ignorant class. Of course, Romney being Romney, he took it all back the next day.

The question we all need to ask is why we would elect a liar and a buffoon, when we can elect a competent leader.

larry kurtz

ten k on ken’s view up that dead horse’s poop chute.

Bill Fleming

Well see, Jon. Suffice it to say I know a lot of folks with the same attitude as the one you describe, many without nearly as much justification as Obama has. He's a pretty cool customer ;^)

Bill Fleming

"Early in life I had to choose between honest arrogance and hypocritical humility. I chose the former and have seen no reason to change." — Frank Lloyd Wright

Stan Gibilisco

What about hypocritical arrogance?


I'm almost certain that - although Obama wants to be better prepared for debate #2 - I don't think they know how to prepare. He's never been in this position before. He might not even be able to accept that he is in this position.

Obama is surrounded by people who don't have a clue how life exists outside their self imposed "bubble". They are so busy projecting, they fail to understand that not everyone sees things their way. So I am not sure Obama can overcome his own narcissism and that of everyone who surrounds him.

Romney is actually in control. I think that in an attempt to assert himself, Obama will become less cool, more agitated. At that point, Romney will win.

Donald Pay

It was well played by Obama, classic rope-a-dope. Romney thought Obama would be hounding him about the 47 percent comment, and had some apology/zinger ready for that. Obama laid off, and just let the blustering fool continue to bleed from that self-inflicted wound. Romney was grim faced and continually on the attack, but nothing really landed, and Obama just smiled and laughed at the fool. Romney had to essentially throw the cuckoo right under the bus to make it look like he was somewhat reasonable, though he bowed to them in making a politically suicidal attack on Big Bird. Then, of course, in classic Romney style, day later he disavowed everything he said, except, I guess, his threat to kill Big Bird.

I don't think Romney will get the rope-a-dope strategy next debate. I think the big fool is toast.


Perhaps Obama did not bring up that 47% because he did not want to see Romney mention the Obama race baiting videos..... Bill, sorry if you watched a video and because the producers are from someone you don't care for. Try refuting what they said.

Bill Fleming

When I click on your link, I get this, DuggerSD:

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Ken Blanchard

"D": "winning" means winning. In sports, you have more points at the end of the round. After a political debate, your chances of winning the election have improved at least temporarily. The impression that Romney won and Obama lost was almost universal. You would just about have to be a sycophant to disagree.

Ken Blanchard

Donald: yeah, its only those conservatives who think Obama lost. Like the conservatives at MSNBC or on the New Yorker Staff. It seems pretty clear now that Romney's position has improved overall and in several key states. To claim that Obama won is absurd. To claim that he is also playing "rope-a-dope" is self-contradictory. See "sycophant" above.

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