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Saturday, October 06, 2012


Bill Fleming

John Schaf, my last name is spelled with one "m." (How's that for arrogance ;^)?


My friend Mr. Fleming is more introverted than most of us realize.

Bill Fleming

Yup. Meyers Briggs = INTJ (...last time I checked, Grudz.)

Just got done re-reading your post Jon, and you know the way Barrack hurt those little Republican guys' feelings is just so, so sad. My liberal heart is just bleeding all over the floor over here.

p.s. Can you point me to some of the books Mr. Romney and his sidekick Gilligan have penned?
Just curious.

Stan Gibilisco

Bill, I took the test out of curiosity, and I'm the same type as you: 1NTJ.

Does that make me a liberal?

I never claimed that I knew myself well. In fact, I've admitted at times that politically, I don't know myself at all.

I wonder how well President Obama knows himself?


Stan Gibilisco

Oh, I mean, INTJ. Whatever.

Jon S

Mr. FleMing,

Mitt Romney, to my knowledge, has just his campaign book, which puts him one book behind Obama. I am not sure I see the point.

Bill Fleming

No problem Jon.

Bill Fleming

I think maybe it makes you a writer?

Bill Fleming

Last note was to Stan... Sorry.

Bill Fleming

Here's a link for you Stan.

Donald Pay

Is KB nuts or an utter fool?

Stan Gibilisco

Thanks, Bill. It's pretty much on target!

Stan Gibilisco

KB seems sane and intelligent to me. But what do I know?


What does it say about a person's personality that when he really blows big time, he blames everyone else besides himself. According to CBS, Team Obama is now blaming John Kerry. Apparently Kerry did not push Obama hard enough. Why? Because Kerry wants to be Secretary of State and Obama does not like people who get in his face. Oh, another personality trait. So far, we have heard the reason is because of the altitude, Romney lied (untrue), and Jim Lehrer. Obama has a thin skin, much like a certain other person we all know and cannot face the truth. So, cool or jerk? That is not a hard one to figure.

Bill Fleming

Is that a question for Jon, Don? :-)

KB's like the rest of us — trying to find sanity in an insane world of our own making.

We know better.

It's not "out there" it's "in here."

Even so, we alternatively...no, simultaneously... celebrate — yet abhor — our ambivalence...

...and in the process, probably think too much.


Bill Fleming

DuggerSD on the other hand, doesn't think enough...

Jon S

Donald (and all),

I am starting to ramp up my blogging here so pay attention to who is writing what.


Well, the jerk thing is a no-brainer. I don't need to think about it. However, I do not blame you for being gloomy after seeing the king with no clothes.

larry kurtz

fool me once, shame on you: mitt should be fearful of that other shoe's kinetic energy.

Donald Pay


Ken Blanchard

Thanks, Stan. I would like to think that I am neither insane nor a fool. I am pretty sure that Donald is not insane.


Obama is a first class jerk, which he showed in one of the first meetings he had with Reps in his office. Instead of trying to work across the aisle, he simply said, "We won." So much for bipartisanship. Not sure about the fool part; he was smart enough to mesmerize enough voters to get elected with his hope and change. Now we will see if the people are fool enough to re-elect him. We know that the gimme set will vote for him, if they care enough to vote. Whether the people who actually think they understand the issues vote for him is the question.

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