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Friday, September 21, 2012


larry kurtz

The President is surfing the crest of a tsunami sweeping earth haters from Congress, Ken: maybe you could emigrate to Bhutan or Albania.

Donald Pay

Confused, KB? You want the President to have the latest intelligence based on the latest evidence, yet you turn immediately to attack just that latest intelligence based on the latest evidence. As Susan Rice said, her assessment that the attack in Libya was not a long-planned attack, but an attack based on a convenient convergence of events, was based on the intelligence that they had at the time. She said there would be further investigation of the matter. In essense, KB, you are actually providing Obama with the exact reason why the Presidential Daily Briefing may not be all that productive.

Stan Gibilisco

President Obama sure is a hell of a basketball player, anyway, for a guy his age.

Ken Blanchard

Yes, Stan, that might be what he is admired for when historians review his tenure.


I wonder if we taxpayers will be stuck with the bill for the barbeque sauce that Susan Rice, Hillary, Jay, and The Prez will need while eating crow?

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