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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Donald Pay

How many embassy personnel died in Cairo? Zero. The statement worked. Some "boondoggle." I guess to be a rousing success in Republican world you have to have thousands of deaths, like in Iraq. You're pathetic. You're wrong. There was no apology. Why are you so anti-American and evil?


There are a few other factors you might consider KB:

One: Not all speech is protected speech, as in yelling fire in a crowded theater. The exact wording of the embassy statement may not have been the best it could have been, but under the circumstances, who are you (or Mitt Romney) to quibble. It certainly was not some over-arching statement of American foreign policy as Romney, you and others are trying to portray it.

Two: What transpired is likely the result of something far more sinister and organized than people protesting a film as I doubt the typical protester came armed with RPG's. The statement may or may not have impacted those simply protesting the film. It certainly would not impact a group using the protest as cover to launch full-blown attacks on the embassy.

Three: What you post on this blog has historical context. This blog got its start leveling unrelenting attacks on Tom Daschle back in 2004. Virtually everything posted here is overtly or covertly politically motivated. But Tom Daschle knew and had the common decency not to knit pick and criticize the Bush administration when America was attacked on 9/11, 2001. He was a big enough, intelligent enough and patriotic enough person to put politics aside. Too bad that sort of statesmanship was and is lacking among a small group or craven opportunists like yourself and Mitt as our nation responds to the attack of 9/11, 2012.

Four: Maybe you just don't get it. Do you understand an attack on one of our embassies is an attack on the United States just as much as was the attack on the World Trade Center? Do you understand that now, during the immediate aftermath or the attack, is not the time for politics? Obviously not because if you did, you would show some restraint.

Five: Criticism may be warranted at a later date. However, that is not a concession you and the Right ever made regarding the Iraq war and Bush foreign policy in general. You hid behind the notion that criticism of George Bush during a time of war was anti-American and treasonous and painted Democratic criticism as such. So what the hell is it when you and Romney say the kind of crap you're saying before we even know all the facts behind these attacks? You both should be ashamed but alas, I doubt either of you has that capability.

Bill Fleming

Perhaps a note here that the people in the Embassies would be aware of that we may not, necessarily, is that the people in those countries don't really know of any other type of media other than Government sanctioned media.

Hence, it's entirely reasonable for them to think that anything posted by Americans in our "free press" has US Government approval, since that's the only media paradigm they have heretofore ever known.

It is therefore understandable that the US embassies would explain to them the Government's position, not as an apology, but rather as clarification, and hopefully, enlightenment.

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