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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


larry kurtz

You'd enjoy my agreement if you applied South Dakota's executive to the same scrutiny, Ken. Are you so removed from the politics of your own state out of embarrassment for its opacity?

Donald Pay

I think it's clear why Obama couldn't meet his promises on jobs, and getting the economy to bounce back. Anyone who has been paying attention knows this stuff. I guess you and Fineman don't.

First, the economy turned out to be in far worse shape from the Bush recession than any economist had forecast. The result was a stimulus package that was far too small. Second, this was meltdown of the financial system, not a normal business cycle recession. Even with record low interest rates, borrowing for expansion has been slow to return. Third, manufacturing and housing usually leads the economy out of recessions, but both of these sectors were devastated. Manufacturing has been declining for thirty years, and the construction sector was devastated in this recession. Fourth, the middle class has been in decline for decades and most of the wealth is now perched in the Cayman Islands and other offshore havens favored by the Romney-level rich. When the wealth was more equally distributed, the middle class had the ability to spend or take risks to get the economy moving. A devastated middle class means slower recovery. Fifth, there are a lot of Beta-rich folks whose wealth got wiped out. (These are the rich folks who actually use new wealth for conspicuous consumption that does lift the economy, mostly in luxury goods and some service industries.)

The problem is that the corporate and wealthy elite really don't want to have these questions asked and answered because they lead us into discussions of how the last thirty years of economic policies have not been good for the vast majority of American, and what policies must change in order to put the economy on the right track. We could all benefit from these discussions, but they all tend to favor Obama and the Democrats and not Romney and the Republicans.


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This pisses me off as a NJ Republican and I do not think that I am alone. I feel coemtplely disconnected from my party now.We want a real conservative running in 2012 not some flip flopping closet massachusetts liberal!Since Christie basically rules the NJGOP with an iron fist, I now see the direction the plan on taking. I will be sitting this 2011 election out for sure. Clearly none of the NJGOP supported Republicans are the types of conservatives that we should have running our government.And to think, if the Governor had just worried about staying home and working on NJ issues for the next month I would have come out and voted for the GOP in the 2011 election. Now I don't have to waste my time.

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