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Tuesday, September 18, 2012



I join you in your dissent. The filmmaker is a dolt (not to mention an insultingly bad artist). But the Muslim militants are not a crowded theater warranting limits on the First Amendment. They are either childish or devious miscreants who need to get a grip on their faith.


I too join in the dissent. The nation has already surrendered far too many civil liberties because of fear mongering.

Bill Fleming

No argument here. Good post, KB.

Ken Blanchard

Good heavens. In the middle of a bar fight, peace has broken out. Thanks.

Donald Pay

Generally I agree, and I totally agree pre-publication or pre-showing. But what if the movie was made with the intent and specifically funded to foment violence by getting others riled up enough to commit illegal acts, including murder, that you knew would happen as a result of distributing the film? If prosecutors could prove a nexus of this film to a plan or plot, the First Amendment right might not be defense.

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