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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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Still lacking: any honest calculus demonstrating that the purported value-added benefits outweigh the costs of sacrificing private property rights to eminent domain for foreign private corporations, the ongoing environmental risk of pipeline leaks from a company that consistently underestimates its leak rates, and the foolishness of pouring more resources into our addiction. Heck, if nothing else, let's keep a kink in the hose and thus encourage China to develop its own renewable alternatives.

Ken Blanchard

Still lacking: arguments and evidence in place of vague generalities and code words like "addiction". One moment energy security is good because the increase in supply means we don't need Keystone XL. The next moment oil is an addiction and so, presumably, an ample supply of the drug would be bad. Your arguments are incoherent.

If you object to the idea of eminent domain, that would be worth talking about. Do you have the same objections to telling property owners they can't develop their land for environmental reasons? I expect that the eminent domain argument only concerns you when you don't like how it is being used.

At any rate, selling oil to the Chinese is clearly on the positive side of the equation as it will increase the national wealth of the U.S. and Canada and thus benefit and cement the North American alliance.

You are rather high-minded to want to starve the Chinese of oil in order to encourage them to develop their own renewable alternatives. How many Chinese are you prepared to doom to poverty to satisfy your own fantasies? A great many apparently.

larry kurtz

President Obama's record of job growth compared to Bush43:


larry kurtz

Let the Canadians refine this crap.

Ken Blanchard

Larry: we need to have a talk about why the pretty screen in front of you lights up.

larry kurtz

I'm in Santa Fe: off the grid in a straw bale house. Maybe we really should be talking about plastics.

Stan Gibilisco

Does our President not realize that whatever noble goals he has, however justified, however much good they might do for our society ... No matter how high his dreams might rise, they'll come crashing down around him if he does not preside over a country that lives within its means?

Larry, I'd love to see that off-the-grid house. Now there's a vision! I'd love to get off the grid, in more ways than one, right now. (Not ready to drive as far away as New Mexico, however ... yet.)

larry kurtz

The walls are about 24" thick: the width of the bale plus 3" concrete on each side on expanded metal lath, interior is troweled smooth like marble. It's only about 1000 sq.ft. main floor and loft; my host built it about 15 years ago. The solar panels power two houses of the same approximate size.

It's 800 miles from my house in Deadwood or about 15 hours: can drive it in one day and have enough time for wine on the porch.

Will take a pic with the phone when it gets light (60 expected here today), upload it to Blogger and post it.

larry kurtz

Here it is, Stan:


larry kurtz

More to the point:


Stan Gibilisco

Cool! Four cheers and no boos for you, Larry! Something for us all to think about as we wean ourselves off fossil fuels ... or get forced off.


Number of jobs in October, 2007 = 146,743,000 Per US Department of Labor - Bureau of labor statistics see : http://www.bls.gov
Number of jobs in December, 2011 = 132,721,000 http://unemploymentdata.com/charts/current-employment-data/
So about that job creation figure, go figure.

Stan Gibilisco

It could be worse ...


Stan Gibilisco

Oops. Try this ...


larry kurtz

DoE Secretary Chu will be just down the road at the Sandia National Laboratories’ National Solar Thermal Test Facility tomorrow.


Don't you just wish Lead could be so fortunate, Stan?

Stan Gibilisco

People, towns, states, countries, and planets make their own fortunes.

Ken Blanchard

Thanks to Larry, Stan, and Dugger for keeping this thread going. I will only point out that while Larry is posting on this blog he thinks he is off the grid.


Thank GOD I wasn't drinking coffee when I read you last comment, Dr Blanchard! ROTFLMAO!!!!

Larry may not realize that some of us (partly due to age and a looming decline in income in retirement) that his frugality is much admired, no matter how much LSD he's ingested in his past =|;)

larry kurtz

Isn't this is the cloud, fellers?

larry kurtz

Isn't this is the cloud, fellers?

Mark Anderson

Talk of the debt, here's your personal presidential choice Mitch Daniels, from wikipedia:During his tenure as head of the Office of Management and Budget, from 2001 to 2003, the federal budget went from an annual surplus of $236 billion to a deficit of $400 billion, and Daniels's projection of a return to surplus by 2005 proved to be inaccurate.


And lets not forget that at the time the GOP VP Lord Vader was saying "deficits don't matter"... Nobody challenged Lord Vader on this at the time, but now it's suddenly important? If only GOPers had exercised some accountability on this when they were in power they might ((might)) have some credibility now...

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