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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Donald Pay

This is what passes for the wisdom of the conservative movement these days. It's really sad. Looking backward to the 19th century in fiscal and energy matters isn't going help our country move through the 21st century. Unfortunately too many Democrats

Regarding debt, the fiscal approach of Republicans is a demonstrated failure. From the Republican approach of kowtowing to the wealthy and corporate interests we got foolish tax cuts, unpaid wars, decaying infrastructure, and deregulation which causes massive spills, bubbles and financial meltdowns. Been there, done that, piled up debt and hollowed out the middle class. No, thanks.

George Mason

Once again we are witness to the sad tediousness of Donald's life. It leaves him so angry his only resort is to cast insults at his perceived enemies. As usual he provides no evidence or substance just the same repetitious tripe. Donald, perhaps the time has come for you to turn off MSNBC, stop listening to WPR and move out of your parents basement. Some time in the real world might expand your horizons, improve your attitude and perhaps lead to a "road to Damascus moment." If you don't know what that is you can always google it. Just don't expect to hear about it on pbs.

Donald Pay

In the year 2000 the US government had a budget surplus. What happened? Oh, that's right Bush and the Republicans happened. Thing the Republicans did was get rid of pay-go so they could provide tax cuts to the rich. Then they didn't pay for their drug plan to benefit Big Pharma. That's when the debt exploded. The facts are well known, but Republicans don't deal in facts, so why bother. Well, here goes anyway. Watch the Republican idiots heads explode over this one.


Now, I grant that the Clinton administration went along with bad Republican ideas like trade deals and deregulation schemes, and that Fed policies helped produce the bubble economy of the 2000s, but when are Republicans going to admit their part in this mess.

Stace Nelson

Scary times. In all my years, this is the first that I am seriously afraid for the future of our country. 942 days since this country had an actual budget, defending this administration or the Democrats control of Congress for the previous 4 years and blaming such things on Republicans is just simple ignorant politics. Especially when this country is headed for a cliff while people scream to speed up the causes that are sending us in that direction.

Well, back to the grind of kowtowing to those pesky rich people who so blithely ignore my campaign coffers...


As a student of History, I find it fascinating to look at things that have occurred in the past and see how we fail to look at lessons we should have learned from past mistakes. It has been a while, but as I recall the kings of Europe after the Renaissance got into a lot of trouble due to debt. They wound up losing a lot of their power. As I recall, they also tried raising taxes, but things just did not work out so well. It would be nice to apply some of those lessons from the past.
As for the drug benefit that Donald so likes to point out, in that vote in the Senate, there were 11 Democrats out of 54 who voted for the drug benefit. There were 8 Republicans who voted no. I believe the Democrats had a hand in voting that in. And I am willing to bet many of those Democrats who voted nay did so because it did not go far enough, not because of fiscal responsibility. And yes, that is legislation that should not have happened. Oh, and if the debt exploded after 2003, then what did it do after The One took office?

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