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Friday, August 26, 2011


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Bill Fleming

Those government boys are all into Stratocasters, KB. Think Hendrix, Beach Boys, Clapton... Fender men. Gibsons are for pinkos like Paul Simon etc. You have just exposed the longstanding — and heretofore top secret — axe dominionist conspiracy, my friend. LOL.

Ken Blanchard

Reader A.I. rejects any criticism of President Obama's conduct or motives as psychologizing. Bill Flemming dismisses what looks like another case of abuse by investigators as a conspiracy theory. Not to worry. I am sure you guys can change out those universal excuser circuits quicker than you can say President Perry.

Stan Gibilisco

Wow! Some administration other than that of George W. Bush does stuff like this! Who'd-a ever thunk it?

Ken Blanchard

Thanks for making that point, Stan. I am going to have to increase your pay.

Ken Blanchard

ps. This does look to me like heavy handed policing. Gibson is suing over a previous raid that led to no charges. They want their stuff back. The Justice Department looked for and found an excuse to punish Gibson for that. Until and unless Fish and Wildlife and Ebony in its various forms comes up with a better story, they have egg (wildlife) on their faces. I am guessing that Bill would see it the same way if they came after his junk.

Bill Fleming

To be clear, I think Gibson should get their stuff back, absolutely. And I've never bought a Fender guitar in my life. I've owned about 6 or 7 Gibsons... I've kinda lost track.

I was just harkening to an esoteric musical discussion that began as an exposé of the secret war between the string players and the horn players on the Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention album, "The Grand Wazoo." I'm suggesting that this Gibson/Fender war may be sign of intramural rivalry in the String camp.

Of course, I have no evidence for this whatsoever. But in these days of embracing any crackpot theory that comes along, I don't see why my lack of evidence should matter one whit, as long as I can get people to repeat it with sufficient passion and frequency.

Bill Fleming

Incidentally, KB, my favorite cut from the "Grand Wazoo" album is this Zappa composition called "Blessed Relief." Zappa's guitar work (after the great horn and keyboard solos) is one of my earliest inspirations to stop playing rock and study jazz instead. Not sure, but I think FZ might be playing a Gibson acoustic or arch-top here.

Bill Fleming

Now, with that background, KB, can we dig a little deeper and speculate that in spite of the seeming appearance that the Gibson raid was the work of the Fender men, it was in fact — at long last — the Woodwind & Brass camp that put them up to it?

I think you owe it to yourself to at least consider it, Professor.

Ken Blanchard

Okay, bringing in Frank Zappa is deploying the heavy guns. As far as I have been able to determine, everything said in every Zappa song is true.

Bill Fleming

Now we're talkin' brother.


Funny how some people find it rather humorous that government agents come into a company and seize items. I think this sounds like unreasonable search and seizure. We have an administration that apparently does not care much about the rule of law. Please consider that, Professor.

Ken Blanchard

Dugger: Thanks for the comment. Humor is necessary around here, but I agree with you that the Gibson raid is serious. As I let out, my brother works there.

Bill Fleming

...think your brother can get me a deal on one of these, KB?

George Mason

Better check to determine if the owners of the company contributed to McCain or Bush in the past.

Peniksen Suurennuspilerit

very nice catch by the way..

Bill Fleming

Martin guitars are Democrats? Well, that explains everything.
No wonder people have always liked them better than Gibsons. LOL.

Hämorrhoiden Hausmittel

Thnka sfor linking to that with Gibson owner, very interesting stuff..

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