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Friday, August 13, 2010




I think your statement "like it or not, the Tea Party movement is not a bunch of extremists. It's the vocal part of the mainstream" sums this subject up very well. The Left believed they'd become the mainstream and now that they realize they're not, they're growing increasingly alarmed that the gains they've made, may soon be reversed.

George Mason

There are two things in play here. The irrational fear the Dems have of the Tea Party (and Sarah Palin). And the use of the "Big Lie" (see Joseph Goebbels). The left is wholly schizophrenic about the Tea party (and Palin), claiming they are insignificant while also claiming that they are a grave threat to the Republic. How can they be both? The dishonest claims of actions by the Tea Party that never occurred are similar to what we saw by the Dems during the Clinton administration to cover up illegal activities. Tell a lie often enough and people will come to believe it(or so they hope). The dems have difficulties with that in 2010 because of the new media. Its a tougher trick to pull off when everyone has a camera phone. My observation of the Tea Party is that it attracts the average citizens the dems always claim they are watching out for who have come to the conclusion that we are on an unsustainable path. The "messiah" did not lead us to the promised land but to impending disaster.

trace morgan

I disagree about the resignation. The hateful comments being made by elected officials about specific people such as Palin and grass roots movements like the Tea Party are not acceptable in a civilized society. There is a tolerance for hatred,rudeness and profanity at even the highest levels of govt today.

More and more, there seems to be a new distaste in D.C. for the will or the opinion of the people. We may apply our own term limits to these idiots in November and in 2012.

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