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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Stan Gibilisco

"Your drunken sailor would be scratching his head and saying, 'Well ... maybe I should go home and sleep it off' well before things got to this point."

As a well-seasoned ex-drunk, I beg to differ.

In almost any country other than these United States, your drunken sailor would have passed out well before things got to this point -- and quite possibly fallen overboard.

Methinks that when all the equations are boiled down, all the numerators and denominators cancelled out, all the adding and subtracting done, and all the government forms filled out, we will suddenly look in a mirror, each and every one, and see the real culprit staring red-eyed right back at us.

George Mason

Stan; I believe you are correct to a great extent. However some of us, capable of simple math, have been hoping for sensible change in or government spending habits for many years. Unfortunately when change has been proposed, Bush's Social Security reform, Reagans line item veto, it has been vigorously opposed by members of congress because it would infringe upon their vote buying capabilities (to which you elude). We need to start seeking out candidates (ala the Tea Parties) who will go to Washington and actually cut the waste. In my lifetime I hope I hear a member of congress return to their state and proclaim "this is what we saved" rather than "this how much pork I secured." For all the spending too little good is accomplished. That is why the members of congress (from both parties) always return to their states to proclaim "this is how much we spent" and not "this is what we accomplished." Government cannot give you anything it has not first taken away from you or your neighbor.


Stan: right on both counts. Unfortunately governments don't ever pass out. They just keep spending. As for the second point, yeah, we have met the enemy and he is us. But if we are going to do something about it, we need more politicians like Governor Christie.


Actually, the hole we are in now began with the live beyond your means of Reagan and the 1980s. Yah, it was great then through Clinton, but, that's what got us into this mess that we are paying for now. So, you really can't lay this at the feet of President Obama, that's if you have any credibility.


After all, we are all to blame for this. No one is innocent because we all live off the system one way or another to include the use of public services. So, blaming the politicians, who are merely representative of us, is pointless and counterproductive.


Guard: Who said anything about the current President here? But now that you mention it, the spending we have been doing since Obama took office dwarfs anything that came before it. Presidents get the blame. That's part of their job.


Yes, they do get the blame and I was just setting the record straight that we are all to blame really and that pointing the finger at just one or the current President is actually counter productive because they really do not control the economy. It would be more accurate to place blame on us who have lived beyond our means if you are actually interested in getting to the heart of the matter. That's what a scholar does anyway.

Stan Gibilisco

"It would be more accurate to place blame on us who have lived beyond our means if you are actually interested in getting to the heart of the matter."

Guard, I agree completely.

And now ...

How do we get people to conduct themselves with fiscal responsibility? I know at least one individual who seems, for all the world, absolutely determined to do the opposite. I suspect that millions -- if not tens of millions -- of people like him exist in this country today. What should society do with them?


Stan, "What should society do with them?" It's too late I'm afraid my friend. Think of the analogy this way: If you don't "properly" discipline your children, teaching them to be responsible before they hit puberty, they have become a lost cause as my mom use to say. We see it everyday. Parents who let their children run wild until age 13 and then try to lay down the gauntlet with them find them impossible to discipline. The same with society: we are too late. The masses have not brought up the children with much "proper" discipline" and as the Offspring song title acurately says: "The Kids Aren't Alright."

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