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Monday, April 19, 2010



And let me guess Ken, Barack Obama "is to blame" and "in cohoots" with the New York Times in a controversy over all this? LOL...give me a break please...


"controversy"...I meant "conspiracy"...its all a conspiracy right Mr. Blanchard? LOL


Guard: I said nothing at all about Obama. The issue here is media bias. The evidence is very strong.


Who cares about the evidence because its used on both sides. FOX News does the same thing, but, somehow in future story, you will come around and blame it on Obama anyway. I mean that's what you do, I understand. You are a blogger and you have an agenda like the media you attack has one too. That's allright if you are into that kinda thing.


Guard: You'll forgive me if I think that blogging and making an effort to defend ones positions is at least slightly more admirable than criticizing everything but being either too lazy, too unwilling or to afraid to defend a position of one's own.

Liberty Belle

Guard, do I have this right - you are fine with the sexual abuse of children and wasting tax money on public school teachers because they happen to be union members? That's disgusting even if "you are into that kinda thing". I'd be willing to bet you voted for Obama, didn't you?


LOL...Liberty, chill out....LOL


Guard: I have a hard time telling what is eating you. Yes, I am generally critical of President Obama, though I have on several occasions defended him. Yes, I have an "agenda," if by that you mean an opinion and a purpose in writing. And yes, both sides use evidence and argument against the other. Does that mean that the evidence should be ignored? President Obama is implicated in neither of the above, so speculations about what I might accuse him of in the future are scarcely relevant.

The rubber rooms are symptomatic of the problem that public employee unions represent at this time. In the second half of my post I exactly how the bias of the MSM is hiding a very real public problem. If you can show how my bias distorts these stories, instead of just complaining that I am biased without showing how, then it would profit us both.


KB, nothing is eating me, but, I have clearly been witnessing for years that something is eating you and it's not good. You take this stuff way too seriously. We are discussing issues that you have no control over. So, I'm just trying to help you to realize that life is too short to obsess over these affairs. That's all my friend. Have a great evening.


Guard, if you feel everything is simply predestined and that we are without free will, then why bother to post?

On the other hand, if we have free will then we must act when we feel compelled to do so. You feel we are discussing issues we have no control over, but I (for one) feel that individuals may have more power than they even realize, when they take action.

All things are indeed in God's hands, but God often chooses mortals to work his will.

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