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Tuesday, April 06, 2010



Actually those are mapping location symbols, not cross hairs.


Yawn...who cares. Pendalum swings left to right to left to right and things are getting worse. I'm just going to go and sit on my balcony and watch the squirrels. Enjoy the beautiful day!


I wish you would get those gigantic things off the top of your page so I can enjoy your blog again...

Stan Gibilisco


Seize the day, yes?

We have nothing to gain by worry.

Let us be in the world but not of the world.

Where have I read these things?

Worthy goals for anyone -- but I have trouble getting there when I see people who would, if they could, take the world as we know it away from us, and replace it with something a lot closer to hell.

Thanks for the heads-up, anyway. I give thanks daily for what I have, and I try to "stop and smell the roses" every day.


Harold: they are close enough to cross hairs for government work. Bull's eyes on the other hand...

skp: I minimized them.

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