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Saturday, April 24, 2010



I highly doubt that KB. Chicago is just like everywhere else in politics: "a good ol' boy system" that exists at every level and in every state, including South Dakota. Just because our "good ol' boys" don't dress like Al Capone or have Italian-sounding names, does not mean that under the tables aren't made and corruption does not exist, because we know it does.


Guard: Chicago is not at all "just like everywhere else." Thank God.


Obviously Guard is not familiar with Chicago politics. As a South Dakotan transplanted to Illinois I have come to appreciate the art form to which Chicago has taken political corruption. Tom Daschle by comparison, is a petty thief, not crooked enough to be a decent Democratic alderman in Chicago.

KB - most folks from Chicago would read your latest post on Obama's blatant, outrageous lies concerning health care reform and yawn, asking, "what's your point?"


Bill: you make my point very well.

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