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Tuesday, April 20, 2010



KB, this subject you keep bringing up is a result of bad parenting through the decades. Responsibility has broken down across a mass section of our society and that is why we are witnessing these problems that abnoxiously flood the news scene today. You posted a picture of two pitbulls violently fighting to the death which acurately depicts American Society today: obsessed with violence and sexual perversion and it is everywhere and exists on both sides of the political spectrum (Republican and Democrat, Libral and Conservative. Today, you see the mass promotion of this stuff from a majority of a generation that was not brought up with much "proper" discipline. So, it is not a partisan issue...it is a societal issue and blaming it on one political party or ideological persuasion continues to prove counterproductive and does not truly address the problem: of raising the next generation of children with "proper" discipline and moral values. As Stan asks in another post: "What should society do with them [lazy people that don't work]?" It's too late I'm afraid my friend. Think of the analogy this way: If you don't "properly" discipline your children, teaching them to be responsible before they hit puberty, they have become a lost cause as my mom use to say. We see it everyday. Parents who let their children run wild until age 13 and then try to lay down the gauntlet with them find them impossible to discipline. The same with society: we are too late. The masses have not brought up the children with much "proper" discipline" and as the Offspring song title acurately says: "The Kids Aren't Alright."

Stan Gibilisco

In my opinion, Guard is correct.

When I was in college, one of my radical friends came up with a "Theory of Social Entropy." Generally, he believed that all societies decay, sort of like the "heat death of the universe" among human bodies, minds and spirits.

A gloomy picture, this, but one predicted by diverse prophets, and one playing out before us all over the world today.

For some, it's too late. They're gone. The taxpayers will simply end up subsidizing them, assuming that our nation doesn't take a right turn so violent that they're simply allowed to starve on the streets.

The question is, "Can we turn this trend around?" I don't know. I can only attempt to hold to high standards myself, and pray for the strength to do it in the face of so much pressure to the contrary.


The problem is that all the answers do not belong to one ideological side. Both sides have become so blinded and polarized that they believe they have all the answers. The Right is not 100% correct and the Left is not either. We have lost commonality between the sides and that is also leading to the chaos and our eventual downfall.


Well Guard, I largely agree with you that, as a society we've become sharply divided on fundamental issues, to a point I'm afraid that as a nation we no longer agree on what our we are to be. We can't agree on what "proper" discipline is, let alone practice it.

I'll argue that as our nation turned from God, found new rights emanating from penumbras in our Constitution and empowered Government to not only protect our rights but to define and grant them to us, we set the path we're on today.

I think we are at a critical point in which we either take action to determine our national future, or simply allow the future to decide it for us.

We are on an unsustainable path and that which is unsustainable will stop. Will we "put on the brakes", make a change in direction or "freeze at the wheel"?


Will, what is meant to be is meant to be.

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