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Monday, April 05, 2010



Ken read about this "regime" flap and found your blog in doing so. The figures of fun on the left are a never ending source of amusement


At this point lefty hypocritical viewpoints are not the exception, but rather the norm. He's either ignorant of the Bush bash years, stupid, or believes as most left wing journalist (I use journalist in its loosest connotation) that they're way too smart for the American public. Or as they're fond of repeating in their heads as they spew their bull, "Shut up you fools and listen to me."

B. Samuel Davis

Matthews is, indeed, a fool. As a conservative, my view is the less said about his and the others of his ilk on talk radio and conservative blogs the better. Why give him free publicity? Conservatives are 60% of the American public, and white liberals who by and large control the mainstream media are a VERY small percentage of the population - I've estimated that less than 2,500 people in the mainstream media basically have worked to change the culture (for the worse) for about 80 years. It's time to stop paying attention to them - and to demand news and entertainment geared to conservatives. That's biased news and entertainment, but with the bias in the right direction.


Matthews is a modern liberal. And I say modern liberal to differentiate the current incarnation from true, classical liberals, who were concerned with things like liberty.

Modern liberals understand their target audience doesn't care in the least about standards or being hypocrites. They just want the read meat. Not one person in his fan base would object to what he said, or even bother to verify its honesty. Its not part of the playbook.

And if his shrinking of his already tiny audience is any indication, his base is indeed quite small. No wonder he debated about going into politics. Its obvious he has no future in television.


I kept waiting for someone to find Obama or Hillary or Biden or one of a thousand other democrats had use the word "target", as in We are targeting this state, or this congressional district.


"More deeply, it suggests that they have not entirely forgotten the long term problems that their favorite policies have created."

I disagree. Lefties lied to themselves and the voters about the mess Social Security was in during the Bush years, and now it's insolvent under current payroll tax rates. Their fix: Raise payroll taxes, for Social Security is holy and must never be "privatized". The same will happen with Medicare, Medicaid and ObamaCare, for we have already witnessed several members of the craven GOP Congressional caucus back away from "repeal & replace". Sum this up and add the ruinous spending, and it suggests that the political class simply doesn't care how much damage their legacies do to America.


Here you go


Thanks to all and especially to William for his last post. The link nails Krugman. It is so good, I am devoting a separate post to it.


Thanks KB =|;)

Stephen M. St. Onge

I think you're being quite unfair. Surely a man as "intellectually challenged" as Matthews can't be expected to actually remember the things he says.

Besides, Matthews was referring to Republicans terming a Democratic administration as a "regime." Obviously, its different when Democrats term a Republican administration a "regime." Since Democrats are good by definition, and Republicans are, at best, morally suspect, nothing a Democrat says about Republicans is out of line.

I mean, what next? Are you going to be blathering about some obsolete, Fascist comment like "truth?" You should be ashamed!


You're welcome, William.

And Stephen: you had me laughing out loud. Please send me more comments like this. Love commenter Guard, but we do need someone to lighten it up.

tiger tim

---The diversions aside---

ISN'T ANYONE NOTICING our ongoing, cross-the-boards
blindside, dumb-down and cover for our disastrous,
possibly deadly ---4 decades of enabling sellout
and suck-up to history's --MOST-- awesomely genocidal
regime -bar none! ---ACROSS the Pacific?

ESP. galling as people continue to suffer and die
by---the---million on this, the once again 'mysteriously
overlooked' 60th Anniversary of the staggeringly relevant


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