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Saturday, February 13, 2010



Being denied tenure is a virtual death knell for a scholar's career. It doesn't matter what publications you have or your former reputation. It is possible to regroup and find further academic employment after being denied tenure but there is no guarantee. Far from it. No scholar is ever guaranteed work. No one no matter how qualified is every promised a job. No one finds academic work easily. There simply are not that many positions.

I don't condone her actions. I do understand her desperation.


medical billings schools are the biggest rip offs. The Dr. Lady does appear to be brilliant. She may just have entered a place where other things came to play with respect to tenure, such as politics. If so, too bad she wasnt mature enough to realize it was a bad situation.
Just because its a state research university doesnt always mean they are level headed about the assessing the faculty they have. Its also possible she may have been denied because of what we saw today- I mean mental issues.


I don't condone her actions either, but this professor had a stellar resume and was an inventor as well and probably deserved trunue. I suspect this was a case of cruel office politics played on her. In this case I think the victims brought this on themselves. I hope Amy Bishop gets exonerated.


This woman was probably a quota hire at Harvard and Huntsville.

You have to deal with these types all the time - they feel entitled to everything and blame others (men, that is) for their incompetence / failure. In the PC university environment, you can't even tell these women early on it would be better for them (and everyone else) to leave academia if they can't handle the pressure.



You make a good point, but Bishop and her husband also own their own business. So, in this case, if Bishop is, indeed, guilty, the act looks more like one made out of anger, rather than desperation.

ScottD: Bishop's anger might be justifiable, but it is the sort of thing one should sue over. Murdering one's colleagues over office politics is by no means justifiable, and the idea of exoneration in such a case is ludicrous.

Academix: You may be right, although Bishop does seem to have accomplished a great deal throughout her career.


Academix - so she's not white or male. Would it be reasonable to read between your lines and guess that you are white and male and see that it is impossible for a female or minority to possess your intellexual prowess? That darn Harvard setting two standards, how did you ever manage to deal with that when you were there?


One thing that hasn't been discussed is the quality of her teaching. Just because someone is a brilliant researcher doesn't mean they can teach. All too often they can't, and the students lose out. From what I've read, she was a bad teacher. She should have been denied tenure, but it is too bad it took this long. And people died.

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