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Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Travis Dahle

I am appealed Dr. Blanchard - this is the type of thing that just irritates the hell out of me - I don't care if you are a Dem or a Rep - to try and claim that dissent somehow "helps" the terrorists is a joke. In fact, being fearful of dissenting is what the terrorists are trying to do, they are trying to destroy democracy, free will and dissension of government.

I'm with you on this one - unacceptable - you will see a post from me on this!


Thanks Travis. You and I are consistent, but in different ways. I don't think that there was anything all that wrong with what Brennan said, or what similar Bush Administration officials said, at least morally. It is simply true that some domestic political positions can play into the hands of our enemies abroad. Surely the Taliban and Al Qaeda want to encourage criticisms of the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan. But that doesn't mean that one ought not to criticize those policies, if indeed one thinks they are wrong. For that reason, there was a lot wrong with both as far as political tactics go.

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